Friday, January 27, 2012

Material Matters

This weekend Fort Ticonderoga is hosting a workshop series called Material Matters.  The content of their weekend is on everything from buttons and buckles to the “culture of military uniforms”.  It looks to be a quite interesting and informative weekend for all those attending.
I personally like the name of the workshop and the variety of connotations that can be derived from it.   I make sure that when packages are written, a deal discussed, and leaps of faith for relationships both personal and professional; that the material presented is on point.  It makes a difference when research is done to ensure people have the tools needed to enjoy their vacation when they stay with us and purchase a package; when presenting a living social deal, the material or offers available to the guests coming in will properly showcase the region and how great it is, without honestly costing a fortune. 
Material matters so people enjoy their stay, the area, and the content of anything we put forward here.  It is also matters to help keep personal relationships fresh and going, in sealing business deals, and building strong and reciprocal relationships that exercise the mind and heart. 
So when thinking about life and your daily interactions remember that Material Matters. 

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