Monday, December 12, 2011

Winter Walk

To ward off the holiday extra pounds or to not feel bad about indulging in that Christmas cookie, that looks so sad and needs to be eaten J, take a nice walk in the brisk winter air to get your blood pumping.  
If you are staying at the hotel this winter and you want to try out snowshoeing, let the front desk know, we have snowshoes to rent!!  
Until the snow is plentiful though, come check out our gym or zumba with us today at 6pm in the banquet room.  I started doing the zumba class to test it out, making sure we were offering a great workout and that everyone was having fun.  Well let me tell you, it is a blast!!  Not only do you shake and shimmy, but you work every part of your body without even knowing it.  I can always tell it was a great zumba night when the next day I have trouble sitting down in my chair J
Have a great Monday!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Holiday Cheer

Still snowy and cold here, which has gotten the staff in the mood for the Holidays.  Our Christmas tree is up in the lobby and decorated beautifully, while the banquet tree is being decorated today.  What is your favorite part of the holidays?  Christmas cards are one of mine; there is something about writing and receiving Christmas cards that is so special; here we love sending them out to all of our favorite guests and friends.  Thanks so much for partaking in our first blog post and from our Best Western Family to yours: Hope your holidays are merry and bright!! 
-          Doing some hiking this weekend, so stay tuned for some great wintery pictures!!