Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Today on our facebook page, our trivia question deal with football.  I honestly have never been a huge football fan until a couple of years ago; not really understanding the plays and flags and such, made it kind of difficult to fall in love with the sport.  Also my parents were never huge fans so it wasn’t something on in our household every week.  Nowadays I love to listen to it while I whip up a big Sunday dinner, or while going to the Grill for a mug of beer with friends.  I found by listening,  asking questions and paying attention to what is going on, I have a basic understanding therefore have turned into a fan of football.  I don’t know whether it is the excitement of watching a player make an incredible catch or watching them run as fast as they can while people lung at them to try to knock them down, but it is fun and something I now look forward to.  What do you like most about football?  Also this past Sunday was a great game between the Giants and the 49’s, what was your favorite part?

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